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Original Article - Orthopaedics and Traumatology

: 16 : 20

Citation : Kurtuluş B, Aydın E. The use of intralesional epidermal growth factor in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):607-612.

: 15 : 22

Citation : Ünal Ö. Evaluation of the differences in sexual functions of women who underwent transobturatuar tape surgery. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):613-618.

Original Article - Hematology

: 18 : 15

Citation : Can F, Yıkılmaz A, Gökçe D, et al. Comparison of low dose cytosine arabinoside, azacitidine and azacitidine venetoclax combination treatment as remission induction in elderly acute myeloid leukemia patients. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):619-624.

Original Article - Microbiology

: 7 : 12

Citation : Koca Ö, Aydın Tığlı G, Özen HN, Çekin Y, Seyman D. Evaluation of ceftazidime-avibactam susceptibility in carbapenem resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):625-629.

Original Article - Internal Medicine

: 77 : 48

Citation : Coşkun MV, Karaahmetoğlu S, İnan O, Kurtipek AC. Predictive factors for acute pancreatic and peripancreatic fluid development in patients with acute pancreatitis. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):630-636.

Original Article - Emergency Medicine

: 10 : 13

Citation : Şahin EA, Kibici Ö, Havan N, Özdamarlar U. Prognostic accuracy of radiological scoring systems in acute pancreatitis: CTSI vs. mCTSI. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):637-641.

Original Article - Health Management

: 10 : 16

Citation : Ekinci G. How does mortality affect sustainable development goals?. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):642-650.

: 24 : 14

Citation : Besnek A. Pelvic incidence effects pars interarticularis defect and spondylolisthesis. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):651-655.

Original Article - Neurology

: 18 : 18

Citation : Akıncı T, Okumuş N, Altay M. The effects of smartphone addiction on sleep quality and obesity level in obese men. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):656-662.

Original Article - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Morphometric analysis of chondromalacia patella and patella types

: 75 : 72

Citation : Ögüt E, Kabakcı AG, Saygılı H, Bozkır MG. Morphometric analysis of chondromalacia patella and patella types. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):663-671.

: 13 : 15

Citation : Bardakcı Mİ, Albayrak GA. Comparison of procalcitonin, C-reactive protein, white blood cell counts and hemogram subparameters in community acquired pneumonia patients. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):672-677.

: 12 : 13

Citation : Sever C, Karıksız M. Clinical and radiological outcomes of gunshot-induced femur fractures: a comparative study of monolateral external fixators and hybrid advanced ilizarov method. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):678-683.

Original Article - Dentistry

Evaluation of 8-10 age group children's attitudes and perceptions about smile aesthetics

: 12 : 14

Citation : Alpayçetin E, Tekeli A, Özel E, Tuna İnce EB. Evaluation of 8-10 age group children's attitudes and perceptions about smile aesthetics. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):684-689.

Original Article - Pediatrics

: 74 : 23

Citation : Özcanlı Çay Ö, Kemer Aycan Ö. Prognostic evaluation of newborns with neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):690-693.

: 11 : 11

Citation : Uçaner B, Çimen Ş, Buldanlı MZ. Evaluation of single center clinical experience in patients undergoing modified Limberg flap technique in pilonidal sinus disease. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(6):694-698.

Original Article - Orthopaedics and Traumatology

: 12 : 16

Citation : Pehlivan O, Soy F, Aydemir M. Turkish literature on hip arthroscopy: a bibliometric approach. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(5):699-704.

Review - Physiology

: 17 : 12

Citation : Çağlar SE, Tanoğlu A. Hemorheology in thyroid abnormalities: old team player, new insights. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(5):705-709.

Review - Internal Medicine

Approach and intervention in blood pressure abnormalities

: 13 : 23

Citation : Haktanıyan Z, Varlıbaş A, Çifci A. Approach and intervention in blood pressure abnormalities. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(5):710-714.

Case Report - Dermatology

: 12 : 13

Citation : Erdin R, Soysal BA, Dilcan M. Zona zoster; an atypical presentation with severe pre-lesion pain: a case report. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(5):715-717.

Case Report - Internal Medicine

: 11 : 15

Citation : Erdin Z, Balcı SB, Aktaş G. A rare complication of central fascial paralysis associated with quinolone. J Med Palliat Care. 2023;4(5):718-720.