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Case Report
Scrotal pain related to terlipressin in the patient with hepatorenal syndrome
Hepatorenal syndrome is a table of kidney failure seen in patients with chronic liver parenchymal disease accompanied by refractory ascites. Vasoconstrictors are given in their treatment. Treatment-related ischemic complications are frequently observed, but ischemic scrotal pain has not been reported. In our case, a patient with chronic liver parenchymal disease due to chronic hepatitis B and who developed hepatorenal syndrome was presented. Scrotal pain and hyperemia of scrotal skin have appeared after the given terlipressin to the patient for hepatorenal syndrome. Treatment was discontinued due to considering an ischemic complication of terlipressin. Scrotal necrosis related to vasoconstrictor therapy has been previously reported. These complications usually occur after the 24th hour of treatment. The development of ischemic findings at the first hour of the treatment has prevented possible necrosis in our case.

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